New: Shark Reef Live Wallpaper

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Today we launch our brand new “Shark Reef Live Wallpaper”. We decided this time to also add a free version so more people can enjoy our work. We also added a promotional video in our youtube channel.

This live wallpaper offers sharks swimming around in clear blue waters. Small colorful tropical fishes swims in the coral trying to avoid being caught.

The full version include three stunning themes.
1) The Sunken Ship
2) The Bermuda Triangle
3) The Atlantis
It also offers loads of custom settings including number of fish and shark species and a browser to control which species is visible.

We hope you enjoy it!

Show “Shark Reef Live Wallpaper” at Visualz
Show “Shark Reef Live Wallpaper” from Android Market
Show “Shark Reef Live Wallpaper Free” from Android Market

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