Shark Reef Live Wallpaper Free: 1 Million Downloads

Posted in: Information- Nov 07, 2011 No Comments

Visualz normally don’t publish free live wallpapers, but when we do we reach extra-ordinary results. Our first free live wallpaper “Shark Reef” has just reached 1 Million downloads since it was introduced May 19th, this year (2011) on Android Market.

It might be the beautiful and mystic underwater landscapes that makes people like it so much. But more likely it’s the lethal predator sharks peacefully swimming among tropical fish that feeds peoples imagination. People have asked for an option for Sharks to attack these fish. But in nature, sharks and fish just swim along not bothering each-other much, until it happens…

Anyhow, we look forward to the day we can announce 2 million downloads of this underwater live wallpaper.

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