Q: The application looks strange on my phone/device?

A: We try to support as many platforms/resolutions as possible and unfortunately have not had the time to try the applications on all different platforms. Please contact us with your issue and we will try to get the application working on your device if possible.

Q: I have bought one of your applications using Android Market but the download doesn’t start?

A: There can be several reasons for this. The Android Market can at times have problem with their servers. In that case try again until it works or get back at a later time. If you have a confirmation that the application has been bought, you can download it at any time.

Other reasons include that the transaction was not correctly authorized. Android Market should inform the buyer in that case.

Q: How can I contact Visualz?

A: Our e-mail adress is androidDeveloper@hotmail.com

Q: I have a great idea for a new Live Wallpaper!

A: Contact us! We are always open for new ideas.

Q: Can you develop an application for us as well?

A: We develop applications for us and also for others. We have a wide technical/graphical knowledge and can develop simple as well as advanced applications. We also have a wide knowledge in web-development, flash, silverlight etc etc. So please contact us!