Piranha Live Wallpaper HD

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If you dive beneath the surface of the Amazon river you are likely to encounter the Piranhas with their razor sharp teeths.

The Piranhas with a reputation to be ferocious predators, hunt in schools and can devour their preys within minutes. Although they normally don’t attack people they may on occasion bite a swimmer by accident or if they are really hungry.

This Live Wallpaper offers:

* Optimized for smartphones and tablets
* Original graphics
* Both orientations supported
* Piranhas and 4 other Amazon river fish species
* Piranhas hunt in schools and feed regularly (you decide how often)
* Tons of settings. Change how bubbles behave, ligh effects, plants, FPS and animation speeds
* You decide which fish is visible, how many and which can be eaten
* The Piranhas react to you touching the screen (can optionally be turned off)
* An activity to set this live wallpaper
* And much moreā€¦



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