PuzzleFun The Farm

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The farm jigsaw puzzle game for children age 2-6 years old. Learn and have fun!

PuzzleFun The Farm is developed for children age 2-6 years. It offers 5 unique puzzles showing farm enviroments and animals. The graphics of each jigsaw puzzle has been developed uniquely for this application.

The jigsaw puzzles consist of over 50 pieces, all with their own shapes and sounds. The motives of each puzzle piece is pronounced in english so children can not only associate each animal/artifact with its sound, but also learn its name (requires text-to-speech functionality which most devices supports). PuzzleFun helps younger children develop their motor skills in a fun and relaxing way.

PuzzleFun The Farm, for hours of fun, learning and happy kids!

This app offers:
* 5 unique puzzles
* Over 50 puzzle pieces representing farm animals or artifacts
* Fully animated puzzle pieces
* Each puzzle piece have its own unique sound
* Each puzzle piece is identified in english (requires text-to-speech functionality and )
* Turn on/off sound effects or speech
* Unique graphics
* Lets children develop their motor skills and intelligence
* And most importantly: Hours of fun for happy kids!



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