New: Crazy Fish Live Wallpaper

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Today we launch our brand new “Crazy Fish Live Wallpaper”. This is a live wallpaper but also a game presenting a red little fish that grows big by eating smaller fish and avoiding bigger predator fish.

You can see the promotional video here promotional video. This is the description:

This is one of the craziest underwater game live wallpaper you have seen.

Colorful fish swims among tropical coral reefs. Crazy fish, the fear of the ocean, hunts fishes smaller than him and try to avoid the bigger predator fishes. As he eats he grows, making him the most lethal predator in the sea, except for the shark of course.

This is live wallpaper and a game. You can easily start new turns by pressing the start game button. With challenging game play and a multitude of prey you will be entertained for hours. The game mode can be deactivated in which case it becomes a regular live wallpaper. You also have a lot of customizable settings.

Crazy Live Wallpaper Game Offers:

* Light on battery
* Set FPS to optimize battery performance
* Activate/deactivate Game Mode
* Two great themes
* Enable/disable sounds-effects during game-play
* A high-score list
* Hours of fun!
* And…Much more

We hope you enjoy it!

Show “Crazy Fish Live Wallpaper” at Visualz
Show “Crazy Fish Live Wallpaper” from Android Market
Show “Crazy Fish Live Wallpaper Free” from Android Market

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