Magic Mushrooms Live Wallpaper HD

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This Live Wallpaper takes Magic Mushrooms to the next level.

Experience mushrooms swaying in the wind with butterflies flying around them in a magical landscape during daytime.

At night they start to glow with the most amazing colors and wisps start to appear around them. You can set how intense they glow and which color they glow with!

This live wallpaper is designed for both smartphones and tablets with HD resolution. Day turns into night continuously. You decide when the day starts and ends.

This Live Walpaper offers:

* Designed for both tablets and smartphones
* HD original graphics
* Shows Butterflies (day) and Wisps (night). You decide how many are visible and if they respond to screen touch.
* Glowing mushrooms at night. You decide which color they glow with or if colors are randomized!
* Day change into night continuously. You set when the day starts and ends or if it’s always day or night
* Alot of settings: choose FPS, animationspeed, visibility of mushrooms, mushrooms glow intensity and animationspeed
* An activity to help you set this live wallpaper
* Much more…

Get your own Magic Mushrooms today!



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